Hybrid Tee Beta


Dye color and pattern may differ as each piece is 1-of-1.

These limited-run T-shirts are each one-of-a-kind, assembled and custom tailored using a combination of upcycled 100% cotton shirts. Created by sought-after New York tailor and designer Grace Ryung Kim, every Hybrid Tee is printed with water-based inks, and finished with a 100% cotton logo label. Each unique item is based on one of three core designs as displayed, with details such as tie-dye patterns varying from piece to piece.

We prewash the upcycled shirts used to create our Hybrid Tees several times to eliminate any harsh chemicals previously used to clean them.
To extend the life of your T-shirt and minimize fading, please hand wash or wash in cold water with a gentle soap. It’s always a great idea to wash printed items inside out. We recommend air drying your T-shirt to retain the shape of this hybrid tailored garment.

By sourcing vintage cotton fabrics to make our tees, we are making use of preexisting materials rather than generating new waste. We use water-based inks to ensure no plastics leach into our water systems, as opposed to plastisol inks which contain toxic PVC resins and phthalate plasticizers, and require petrochemical solvents to be cleaned from printing equipment.

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