Each Submission Beauty™ Tee is entirely unique. To create them, we source 100% cotton tees from thrift stores in California and New York. Once selected, they are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before being printed with our logo. We exclusively use natural dyes from Permaset, eliminating harsh chemical degraders and excess water waste from the printing process. None of our tees have pre-existing print, which normally use toxic dyes.

Please note that due to the nature of vintage, each item may have the smallest of irregularities, as is standard for items like this.

We prewash each Submission Beauty™ Tee several times to eliminate any harsh chemicals previously used to clean them, but please note that we are not given any information about what happened to the tee in its previous life, including alterations.

To extend the life of your tee and minimize fading, please hand wash or wash in cold water with a gentle soap. It’s always a great idea to wash printed items inside out and to avoid dry-cleaning and tumbling.

By choosing vintage sources to make our tees, we are solely using what already exists in the world and are not creating new waste. Natural dyes means that no harmful substances leach into our drinking water, waterways and oceans during production.

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