Our newest second-generation Submission Beauty™ Tote features an upgraded design for improved durability and functionality. Created using Control Union certified 100% recycled pre-consumer cotton, the totes are comprised of repurposed waste cotton resulting from fine-count combed yarn production, and even the Submission Beauty™ label on the rear of the bag is 100% cotton. Each tote is printed with the Submission logo and our “Plastic Is Poison” mantra using water-based ink.

We currently only ship within the US, but for EU and UK orders you can find a full list of our stockists here.

To extend the life of your bag and minimize fading of the print, hand wash with gentle soap in cold water. Each Submission Beauty™ Tote is 100% cotton and this is best left to air dry, as heated drying may cause shrinkage.

Using 100% recycled cotton avoids the production of virgin cotton, instead repurposing existing waste cotton. Printing with water-based ink reduce the amount of harmful additives and toxic ingredients that can leach into our drinking water, waterways and oceans during production.

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