@Birgitt wears raffia wig, made by stylist

Doing The Unstuck

In this latest beauty submission, photographer Danny Lim looks at textures and shapes, exploring what is real and what is pretending to be..

STYLING JESPER GUDBERGSEN @yessirjesper using only vintage clothing and personal archive pieces 
MAKEUP MARIKO ARAI @marikoarai @thewallgroup
MODELS BIRGIT @birgit_doss @musemodelsnyc JAKE @jakejunkins @kollektiv_mgmt JESS @imjesshu SONIA @soniaokumu @wilhelminamodels
THANK YOU CAFE STUDIOS @cafestudiosnyc

“It’s a perfect day for doing the unstuck
For dancing like you can’t hear the beat
And you don’t give a further thought
To things like feet…”

Sonia wears recycled fiber wig, made by stylist
Jake wears stylist’s own vintage earrings and her own blazer

Kick out the gloom
Kick out the blues
Tear out the pages with all the bad news
Pull down the mirrors and pull down the walls
Tear up the stairs and tear up the floors…

Jess wears a custom top, made from dead stock material, by Luis Cascante
Birgitt wears stylists own tank top and vintage earrings
Sonia wears an MM6 dress from stylist’s archive

“Oh just burn down the house!
Burn down the street!
Turn everything red and the beat is complete
With the sound of your world
Going up in fire”

– The Cure, “Doing the Unstuck”, 1992