Ben Jones throws it back to the 90’s 

A flash of red, a spark of emotion, a sigh of relief. This minimalisticly hardcore rebirth of 90’s teen angst seems to be all at once transformative and a perfect mirror into the world of fashion today. It is blunt cuts, flying hair, white backdrops and a nod to something once perfected, and on its way to be perfect yet again. Hairstylist Ben Jones takes submission beauty through a time machine and back again with his picturesque take on nostalgic feelings of the 90’s.

HAIR BEN JONES  @benjoneshair @bridgeartists
MAKEUP JESSICA TAYLOR GARVIN  @jessicataylorgarvin @saintlukeartists using Tower28
MODEL NOA SAMASSA @noa_samassa @suprememgmt


As a result of spending most of 2020 in lockdown, I found myself submerged in the 90s again.


From the music I was listening to…

…to the film and TV I was watching…

…to the clothes I bought

…having become a teenager in ‘92 and living my most informative years through that decade, I often draw inspiration from this era.

With an air of post-pandemic rebirth it only felt natural to create this hair story inspired by everything that had evoked these feelings in me the first time around…

…from musicians to actresses to models and various characters I’d see in London nightclubs…

all of whom still continue to inspire my aesthetic to this day.