Enter into the mixed media world of up-cycling jeweler Georgina Trevino 

Often, a person’s job is completely unrelated to who a person is. It’s a necessity that has no tie to pleasure or passion. Jeweler Georgina Trevino has managed to bypass the dreaded terror of a job, and has actually created a craft. Being a jeweler is her artform, her handiwork, her trade. She puts a tiny piece of herself into each piece, and it shows. Read ahead for the inside scoop on how this craftswoman finds beauty everywhere she looks, how she re-introduces up-cycled materials, and how she found her true love in creation.  


You’ve been praised for making pieces that are unapologetically you. Do you ever feel a pressure to constantly one-up yourself?

 I really don’t think about this much. I honestly genuinely make work without thinking of the outcomes. If I have something to express, I run to my studio bench and just translate my feelings or ideas into a piece. I also believe that work makes work. Luckily I’ve been busier lately so there are always interesting ideas on my plate. 

What was the catalyst that set you on the path of jewelry design?  

 I’ve been interested in fashion and styling from a young age. Right after high school, I started making my own jewelry out of wire beads & findings for fun. While in college studying Applied arts I discovered the jewelry program and I haven’t stopped since!

The mediums that you use and the designs you make are so unconventional, how did you come to find the beauty in these unique materials and create something so spectacular?

 I would say that there are no limitations of material for me as a jeweler. Nowadays, I think or see everything as jewelry or as something that can be turned into jewelry. I see these possibilities on a daily basis – on the streets, in food, in random objects, in art, etc. I like to find and take objects that are taken for granted and find their beauty. I often give them another life or sometimes intervene and play with concepts like putting jewelry in jewelry.

What leads you to use these up-cycled materials like CD’s, and have you’ve always leaned towards these sustainable methods of creation?

Im constantly using materials that I see around, but this specific instance, I was invited to this editorial in Mexico City that focuses on matters of up cycling so I decided to make few pieces with this in mind. It would be part of a campaign per say.

Your designs have been worn by some heavy hitters like Lady Gaga and Bad Bunny. Is there anyone else you’d love to create for?

I would love to create for Solange, Michelle Obama, and Dev Hynes from Blood orange. I would also love to design for Schiaparelli or LV!

How do you as an artist manage to stay inspired and creative?

 It’s definitely been a challenge with pandemic. I have had a hard time because sources of inspiration or motivation often come while traveling, through art peers, visiting art shows… Luckily I’ve also been very busy with custom projects so every project alone motivates me to keep going. I often try to take breaks from the studio to stay creatively sane and inspired. I live in San Diego so being close to the border to Tijuana, and a couple hours away from LA, is definitely a plus.

What has been your favorite piece you’ve made to date?

Actually, I just made a pair of glasses that no one has seen yet. I’ve been trying to push myself into exploring different materials and different scale objects, so I have to say I am a bit proud of this one. It made me realize the infinite possibilities that are out there for me to create within the foundation or language of jewelry.