Multifaceted makeup artist Lucy Burt talks passions

This past year has been anything but a walk in the park. While the effects of the pandemic were certainly devastating, beautiful things emerged from its destruction. People found a creativity, drive, resilience, and strength that they may have never discovered otherwise. Makeup artist Lucy Burt was one of those people. Expanding her creative passions into her soothing candle brand Lit by Lucy. Read ahead to hear a little about makeup, a little about candles, and a lot about making the best of where you are. 


How were you drawn into the world of beauty and can you tell me about your journey of becoming a makeup artist?

My evolution of becoming a makeup artist has gone hand in hand with a need to keep growing and learning to become a better version of myself. Fully committing to being a creative and being my own boss took a leap of faith in the beginning, but with each day came the new possibility of something wonderful happening. Once I had stepped onto that path, I met incredible people who helped to shape my journey, without whom I would not be where I am today.

In a previous interview you talked about breaking conventional rules when it comes to beauty. Do you feel like there are any rules that you were scared to break in the beginning, that you eventually broke and feel proud of?  

 My instincts were that less is more with makeup, and true beauty seemed to shine through the simplicity of what I was creating. This pure beauty was a process that I had formulated so well, but learning to reach beyond that and use “rules” as building blocks to a more expressive way of creating makeup was so much more rewarding.

Let’s talk about your transition from being a makeup artist into this new business Lit by Lucy. You started working on this during the beginning stages of lock down, how has Covid changed the way you think creatively? What was it about those times that made you want to start a new business? 

There was space and a stillness that came during lock down. Starting a new project was compelling at a time when I needed to immerse and escape. Etching monogrammed initials onto candle glass and delivering by hand to family and friends was my way to connect to the people I was missing.  I am blessed through my work as a makeup artist to be surrounded by a network of inspiring people. Through those connections, the word spread, and the response was overwhelmingly wonderful. Thanks to the beautiful people who fell in love with them, wrote about them, and shared them, Lit by Lucy was born.

How did you come up with the design of the candles?

 The Nude Collection (c) was inspired by my personal experience and journey through makeup and wanting to celebrating women from all corners of the world. The nude shape is the generic one, and the twist was my gift with colour and texture. I wanted to create a pallet of skin tones that reflected all the nuances that I love to work with on real women. Once I had perfected the 6 skin tones I encased my wax nudes with a full-on high shine gloss.

One thing I read about Lit by Lucy candles is that it is dedicated to the well-being of the planet. Can you talk to me about how important this was when creating your candles and what your business is doing specifically that speaks to this?

I wanted to use Lit By Lucy it as a tool to give back by supporting charities that work for the greater good of the planet. The World Land Trust do incredible work that makes a difference to eco systems, endangered wildlife, and rainforests. Through them, we have been able to purchase and secure acres of land that will be protected.  My new launch of candles of beautifully bespoke hand-blown glass are designed to be kept and recycled as vases or vessels for life. I hope to be able to continue to grow and give back.