We Surrender to Mia Carucci

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “haunting beauty” as something beautiful yet also sad, a combination so dear that it stays with you indefinitely. 

A suitable description of Mia Carucci’s newly released dark-synthy single “Surrender”, as well as the moody and intimately amorous images shared below, shot for Submission Beauty by their partner. 

The universe that surrounds Carruci’s creativity is a place we adore, exploring through her art themes of faith, devotion of varying kinds, and sexuality/sensuality, all experienced through an atmosphere of darkness. Just the kind of imagery we like to think of on a day that while celebrating love, has the darkest of origins…


What are you listening to right now ?

A lot of conciertos. and also Dabke, turkish lebanese dance music.

Moss or mangroves ?

Damn that’s a good one. but moss, always moss.

Describe the sounds the universe makes…

Leaves crushing beneath heavy but calm thoughtful feet, 963Hz

What do you wish for your audience to experience when listening to your work? 


What kind of homages would you say your music pays attributes to? 

My music pays homage to my younger self