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Submission Beauty joins Nguyen Inc for their SS23 downtown bash

 For her first official runway show, designer Kim Nguyen debuted her SS23 Nguyen Inc collection, by shutting down an entire block just off Chinatown and showing her pieces on some of her downtown tribe of creatives. Submission Beauty delivered the beauty looks, inspired by rock luminaries, club crawlers and creatures of the night.

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MAKEUP ZENIA JAEGER @makeupbyzeniajaeger using @submission.beauty
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When I started the brand it was with the upcycled fitted tees, so I decided to challenge myself and buy a bunch of t-shirts from Goodwill to cut them up and create new garments out of. I was thinking a lot about my youth and the music I was listening to at the time, Crystal Castles, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Mars Volta.”

Kim Nguyen, designer of Nguyen Inc


“For this collection I was really thinking about my youth and some of the music I used to listen to when I was a teenager. Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has always been a huge inspiration, she’s an incredible musician but also part asian which for me was really important to see growing up.”

Kim Nguyen, designer of Nguyen Inc

@makeupbyzeniajaeger and @trisssssstris

“Kim’s collection is so heavily influenced by the favorite rock muses of her youth in the early aughts, so we drew inspiration from that in the makeup as well. I took it a step further back and looked to some of the original stage goddesses that inspired this younger generation, so there are hints of Siouxsie Sioux, Jordan and my own eternal muse Nina Hagen.”

– Zenia Jaeger, lead makeup artist and founder of Submission Beauty

“Stage makeup is very much about making the eyes stand out, so I focused a lot on that. The casting was so unique and all about the personality of each model, so we started with this rock mood and made slight variations on that theme for each person, celebrating their uniqueness while keeping in mind the differing vibes throughout the collection. Some are more slight, whisky and angelic, while some looks were full on. Each look was slightly imperfect or assymetrical, a nod to the diy spirit of the clothing and Nguyen’s aesthetic”

– Zenia Jaeger, lead makeup artist and founder of Submission Beauty


“Our new Balm Shiny worked perfectly to turn up the volume and add a highly glossy finish to the colorful eyes and lips. We used it as a highlighter on cheeks as well, which worked perfectly in the midday sun on the runway. And of course, our glitter came into play as well, adding a little sparkle here and there. You can’t do an hommage to high octane stage makeup without adding a touch of glitter” 

– Zenia Jaeger, lead makeup artist and founder of Submission Beauty

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“The location was on Centre Market Place which is just a couple blocks away from where my studio is on Centre St — i thought it was the ideal location because it’s the meeting point for Chinatown, Little Italy, and Soho — hence “Centre” ! The cast are all of my friends — and some new friends that I’ve followed for a while and have always wanted to meet.”

Kim Nguyen, designer of Nguyen Inc