Step into a grainy 90’s fever dream

When the world is constantly moving forward, sometimes you need a body of work that’ll make you stop, and think, remember. From photographer Olivia Ezechukew and Make-up artist Alice Dodds, comes this body of work tipping its baby blue hat to the ’90s. It’s black lip liner, blooms of color, and soft skin blurs. It’s a ’90’s fever dream.

MAKEUP ALICE DODDS using RMS beauty  @alicedoddsmakeup @rmsbeauty
MODEL CHRISTALL  @mango_morena @antiagencyldn


I was heavily inspired by the energy of 90s beauty shoots, particularly the work of David Sims. I love the aesthetic and lighting style of his work from that era. As a nostalgic person, I try to reflect that feeling in my images by referencing the past and giving my photos a grainy, dreamy quality. 

I continue to draw inspiration from that era by reminding myself of the fashion catalogues I grew up flipping through, I liked the simple lighting and energy and fun they exuded, so I tried to inject some of that into these images. 

As i’m also constantly inspired by nature, specifically flowers, I always pull inspiration from their shape and the gradients of colour in their petals.


My work comes from being a painter and trying to connect with that practice in a commercial way. I am also very inspired by women and femmes in general, I like enhancing that energy and creating a wider proximity for what is beautiful.