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Private Policy invites Submission Beauty to an animal rave

For their SS23 show, Private Policy started with peace. In a turbulent time full of uncertainties, designers Siying Qu and Haoran Li looked to the idea of Noah’s Ark as a place to find unity and a common understanding of the beauty that happens when a crowd of wild animals come together – not entirely unlike that special feeling of a late night rave

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MAKEUP ZENIA JAEGER @makeupbyzeniajaeger using Submission Beauty
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“The designers were inspired by the thought of the animals of Noah’s Ark being packed into a tight space, which led them to think of the intensity of a nightclub. There’s that certain moment at a rave where everyone is just sweaty, messy and feeling like one, which was the perfect place to use our new Submission Beauty Balm Shiny. We recreated that look with dewy skin and glossy eyes”

– Zenia Jaeger, lead makeup artist and founder of Submission Beauty

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“There is nothing like that feeling when we’re all on the dancefloor, feeling as one large heavy breathing organism. The nightclub and rave scene are always great sources of inspiration for me”

– Zenia Jaeger, lead makeup artist and founder of Submission Beauty

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“By visualizing a horde of animals boarding the Ark during the world’s collapse, we imagine a dark interior filled with different species which reminds us of an NYC clubscene. This ties to escaping the outside world and raving next to strange “party animals.” – Siying Qu, creative director of Private Policy