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Painting the town technicolor-fantastic with Saint Sintra 

Tuesday afternoon, buzzy new designer Sintra Martin threw an early aughts fever dream of a show as one of the first designers to kick off New York fashion week for the Spring/Summer 22 season. Her fantasy universe came to life at The Stranger where she infused the fashion landscape with pops of color and daring sheerness. The Submission Beauty team was lucky enough to be invited to bring some earth-friendly sparkle to the Saint Sintra show. 

MAKEUP ZENIA JAEGER @makeupbyzeniajaeger @streetersagency using Submission Beauty
HAIR CHARLIE LE MINDU @charlielemindu
NAILS Lake @lake.com__
MAKEUP ASSISTANTS ELIKA HILATA @elikahilata_makeup MIN HONG @hongminchul ANN GIOR @anngior
VENUE THE STRANGER @thestrangernyc

In a most secretive setting not far from Central Park, a colorful crowd was invited to view the first Saint Sintra show. It was clear upon entry that the event would be something else. The space was otherworldly – an appropriate venue for only the most outré sideshow/ or burlesque performance, complete with a running waterfall, pyrotechnic elephant, and creepy dollhouses.There was something for the eye to feast on everywhere you looked. 


An invitation just to view the space would have been enough of a party in itself. It was the perfect setting for this sophomore collection from a designer who’s had an impressive run this year, dressing some of the most colorful young starlets imaginable.

As the music started blasting, what is bound to be one of the more colorful fashion shows this season in New York began to unfold. A candy colored future-pop fantasy, with incredible hair by coif wonder boy Charlie Le Mindu and makeup by Submission’s own Zenia Jaeger.

As Sintra described the collection herself, it was a frivolous retro-future post-analogue world viewed through a technicolor kaleidoscope of youth and glamour. She materialized her vision through mermaid fantasies in pastel mesh, to sparkling seductresses in jewel-encrusted gowns.

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The Sintra muse is unapologetically bold and in your face, as captured by the strong lineup of characters from all across the genderspectrum, cast by Joseph Charles Viola.

About the bold makeup looks for the Saint Sintra show, makeup artist Zenia Jaeger explained:  “The Saint Sintra universe is so bold, colorful, and expressive. It was a real dream to start off New York fashion week with such a fun collaboration. As Sintra and I were going through the inspiration behind the collection, she mentioned an amazing children’s book she had rediscovered on a visit to her parents’ house, “The Color of Things”. 

@_laurenfern and @fishfiorucci

In the book, a young girl fights back against an evil duo who strip away all the color from her hometown. We loved the rebellious spirit of this young girl painting the town with bold colors and started off the makeup look there. The idea was to imbue the look with a nearly childish sense of play, imperfect paint drips topped off with the Submission Beauty Glitter. 

As we were ‘dripping’, the idea progressed into something that reminded us of the fabulous Leigh Bowery, a reference we all adored. It makes perfect sense for Sintra and I, we both came of age in our respective club scenes and are always inspired by being part of that world. This felt like the right combination, a naivité mixed with the naughtiness of performance art and rave culture.

I am always very into embracing imperfection and I stayed true to that for the Saint Sintra show. I wanted the focus point to be the sparkling paint drip, it was dewy and healthy with a gorgeous glow, yet never too touched up or perfected.”