All Glitter + None of the Guilt = Submission Beauty X Roskilde Festival ‘24

Who needs sunshine when Submission brings the heat?  Such was the mantra of the Submission team, as it became clear that this year’s Roskilde Festival was going to be a rainy affair. Our first time at the week-long Danish music festival was the rainiest it had been in 17 years, yet spirits were high at the glitter bar! Turns out; biodegradable and plastic-free glitter looks just as marvelous when it washes off the body and into the mud…

Join us below for a closer look at the wet – and wild – ride


Despite the looming clouds, the show must go on(!) and Submission debuted at the festival’s responsibility-centered Do Good Market, with a custom-built storefront to engage with festival-goers alongside like-minded independent brands and artists. Our temporary space mirrored our LA flagship in many ways, most importantly by using only responsibly sourced, upcycled and vintage materials all around – and naturally, there was not a shadow of plastic in sight.

Roskilde is not your typical festival, which makes it the perfect match for Submission – not your typical beauty brand. With its longstanding commitment to positive environmental impact, constantly seeking new ways to sustainably produce a non-profit and charity centered festival for a crowd of over 100,000, Roskilde, like Submission, embraces an audience for whom every concert has a conscience, every purchase a purpose.

Since day one, Submission’s approach to sustainability has been to mitigate the beauty industry’s waste problem by excluding plastic from every aspect of our supply chain, from the product, to the packaging, to the shipping materials, opting instead for more environmentally responsible alternatives; plant-based ingredients, recycled and recyclable materials including glass, tin, clay-coated newsback, soy-based inks, and only 100% upcycled cotton for our accessories and apparel, as even polyester fibers are a significant source of harmful microplastic pollution. 

The synergies between Roskilde and Submission are perfectly illustrated by one of our most popular products: plant-based glitter. Festivals have long been great occasions for fun, colorful glitter looks—but with traditional glitter being a single-use plastic product, they’ve also been incredibly wasteful, pollutive events. Our glitter, on the other hand, is plastic-free, made from eucalyptus cellulose, and biodegrades naturally in freshwater—and it arrived at Roskilde just in time, with the EU having just banned the sale of traditional plastic glitters last year.

At our booth, makeup and hair stylists from around the world offered unique, plastic and guilt-free party looks for festival goers using Submission Beauty products, a curated yet anything-goes joyous vibe resulting in exceptional beauty – even the occasional temporary glitter body tattoo. The week was also dotted with artists in Submission Beauty looks on stage, including family favorite band Cumgirl8 in trippy Balm Shiny and Glitter Green looks and an otherworldly late Saturday night performance by Eartheater, dipped full-body in Highlighter Lucid, all masterfully executed by makeup artist and Submission founder, Zenia Jaeger

Together, Roskilde and Submission spent the week-long festivities making visions of a more sustainable future a reality—from festivals to beauty and beyond. None of the plastic – all of the shine – that’s future beauty.