Without You, I’d Cease to Exist

From the creative directors of this beauty story: Super Bonjour “We choose our teams with intention and respect. Diversity —of life experiences, of points-of-views, and of approaches— is a central value in our practice, both in front and behind the camera. Our intention was to build a team of creatives with different methods, references and inspiration, and to allow us the space and freedom to move slowly, intuitively, and truly collaboratively.”

HAIR AND MAKEUP ASHLEY DIABO @ashleydiabo using Submission Beauty
MODELS REMBO @am_rembo @wantmanagement  MEG @desperateidiot @humankind

“Focusing on slowing down our process led us to have a conversation on subtlety. Sometimes the initial urge is to go all in, to cover the face with glitter — and we still love that, tbh. Easing into the process helped us let go of that impulse and drift to the next idea. We wanted to highlight a single fleck of glitter and highlight the natural lines of the face. Working with light and minimal intervention. Closely considering our models and the qualities that drew us to them.”

Describing the mood of this story: “A nostalgic R&B track — perhaps a timeless Erykah Badu song. Or maybe a little Alice Coltrane. Something smooth and also powerful. Abstract, and also precise.”

“Maybe what happened when this project came to life was something more cognitive than emotional? Because it’s giving us more to think about. The importance of slowing down our practice, really evaluating how we collaborate, rethinking how we “cast” on both sides of the camera. How can we melt brains together so that once on set, we move intuitively in a collective way. How do we ensure that all the creative voices can contribute in a way that feels good, that has impact. There is a need to do this more often — creating for ourselves as often as possible (more often!) so we can explore more freely, drift a little, experiment.

“We craved a collaboration with plenty of room to think. Time is such a luxury, we’re usually racing to meet tight deadlines, and having to think about multiple concepts at the same time. We spaced out our exchanges, so everyone had time to reflect, to put it aside and to come back to it, to let ideas marinate.”