Submission Beauty stands for environmental accountability, personal self-expression, and a new paradigm of responsible luxury.

Our platform is made for all bodies.

Every element of our product and packaging is zero plastic.


This is future beauty.


“The brand has replaced the plastic used in standard glitter with a cellulose base made from eucalyptus trees. This plant-based material creates a unique iridescent effect that is more pared-down than your typical party glitter and provides a broader array of applications. It also feels better, since its non-toxic formulation won’t irritate skin or scalp.”

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“Not only are there zero toxic plastic in its products, the brand has also eliminated it from all packaging and shipping materials – part of her mission to pave the way for a beauty industry that is 100 percent free of plastics that are harmful to both consumers and the environment.”

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“A Makeup-Free Pandemic? Hardly. These Maximalists Are Pushing a Full Face.”

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“The brand practices complete transparency by deconstructing its approach in an accessible way on its website, and shines a new spotlight on the plastics that leak from the packaging into the products that we put on our body. Submission is as bold about its ecological mission as its striking visuals”

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“A favourite LA based brand by a fellow Scandi which promotes sustainability. This plastic free silver glitter is a classic for a reason. Line your eyes with this for the disco ball effect.”

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Founding President & Managing Director
Zenia Jaeger


Chief Executive
Marc Palatucci

COO & Head of Creative
Johanna Nomiey

Stine Rasmussen


Creative Director
Jesper D. Lund


Senior Advisor, Media & Production
Tom Blanchard


Digital Editor
Beck Diaz


Jesper Gudbergsen


Project Manager
Nadja La Cour


Strategic Advisor
Emil Theill Joergensen


Music Editor
Karen Levitt


Culture Editor
Kasha Lassien


Digital Media Producer
Alexandra Fastlich



Submission is an independent beauty brand and global platform founded by Zenia Jaeger, Johanna Nomiey, Stine Rasmussen and Marc Palatucci