Our products are deliberately designed with our ecosystem in mind


Our platform represents an open and supportive beauty community

Founding President & Managing Director

Zenia Jaeger

Director of Product Development 

Stine Rasmussen

Creative Director

Johanna Nomiey

Business Adviser 

Marc Palatucci

Senior Advisor, Media + Production 

Tom Blanchard

Eco Efficiency Manager 

Sam Kweskin

Strategic Advisor

Emil Theill Joergensen

Project Manager 

Nadja La Cour

Online Editor 

Beck Diaz


Jesper Gudbergsen

Music Editor 

Karen Levitt

Culture Editor 

Kasha Lassien



submission beauty is an independent beauty company, based in Silverlake, California and is co-founded by Zenia Jaeger, Johanna Nomiey, Stine Rasmussen and Marc Palatucci