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Our production process is designed to eliminate plastic packaging and ingredients, as well as all toxic materials, which costs more than the mass-market methods used to produce cheap products. Our prices reflect the value and benefits of non-toxic beauty, both to the health of the individual and the community.

Submission beauty products are never tested on animals. All products are vegan with the exception of our glitter, which uses shellac naturally produced by insects.

All of our ingredients are derived from naturally occurring (non-GMO) plants, flowers and minerals.

Read more about the benefits of our ingredients here.

Not only is there no toxic plastic in our products, we’ve also eliminated it from all packaging and shipping materials. Most brands that claim to be certified organic or plant-based still use plastic packaging that can be harmful to both the consumer and the environment.

Parabens are not only a skin irritant, but can cause severe damage to your body, disrupting your hormone balance and contributing to certain cancers and complications with fertility and childbirth. See what other ingredients are on our shit list.

We rely on antioxidant ingredients including vitamin E oil (tocopherol) and essential oils. Their preservative qualities are not quite as long-lasting as the chemical ingredients found in mass-market beauty products, but we feel that is a small price to pay for avoiding toxic ingredients.

We recommend that our products be used within 3 months of opening. Our products are sized to last for roughly that long, given daily use.

We suggest storing our products in a relatively cool and dry environment.


No, Submission avoids using plastic in any form—at all costs.

Yes, all Submission packaging is recyclable. See how to recycle each item here.

All of our cardboard materials are 100% recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. We avoid all plastic and glue, and use paper tape. Our glass and tin are recyclable. Read more about our packaging and how to recycle each item here.

Yes. Read more about our packaging here.


Standard US shipping costs are already calculated into the product price.

All orders are shipped from Los Angeles, CA.

We ship everywhere within the continental US.

Your order confirmation email includes a tracking number.

Please contact and we will be happy to replace your damaged product.


Submission products purchased from can ONLY be returned or exchanged if they are received in damaged condition, or if the product received differs from what was purchased. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase and product must be in original packaging.

Email with your return request, including your order number, full name and address