A laydown product shot of a white long-sleeved crewneck T-shirt with a black-and-white graphic in the center depicting a cartoon bird surrounded by musical notes with a speech bubble in which the words “FUCK YOU” appear in capital letters in quotation marks, above which the words “MOM SAYS” appear in capital letters, and a logo beneath the entire graphic with the word “submission” in bold, lowercase type

Submission x B. Thom F U Tee

100% reclaimed post-industrial waste cotton

Unisex XL


Our Submission Beauty™ long-sleeved tee features an exclusive graphic from artist B. Thom with an unambiguous message from “Mom”—Mother Nature? Mother Earth? Mother Superior?—for the plastic polluters of the world. The shirt is made with 100% North American reclaimed waste cotton, locally knit, sewn, and finished in Los Angeles by a fair-wage workforce. The long-sleeved, crewneck style is constructed without side seams, and is printed with plastic-free inks in keeping with its message and Submission’s founding ethos.

We currently only ship within the US

Machine wash tee cold with like colors, then turn inside-out and tumble dry on a medium setting. Alternatively, hang dry in the shade to minimize energy consumption. Do not use bleach, and avoid leaving tee in the sun as textile dyes are sensitive to UV light.

These T-shirts are exclusively knit, sewn, and finished in small and medium-sized local factories to minimize carbon emissions in the production process. They are constructed from 100% reclaimed post-industrial waste cotton, recycling otherwise neglected material instead of producing virgin cotton, and excluding the unrecyclable plastic fibers found in less mindfully sourced fabrics. Finally, the shirts are printed with water-based inks, eliminating the pollutive waste associated with plastisol inks and ensuring the entire garment is plastic-free.

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