Used is the New New – Submission hosts a closet sale with stylist friends

When it comes to wardrobe grails, stylists’ closets are of course jam packed. On Sunday, 11/19, Submission invited a few of our favorite stylists to take part in an epic closet sale in the fall afternoon sun outside our Silverlake store, with several of the fashion brights donating part of their proceeds to various charities. We can’t think of a better place to do some retail therapy than in the archives of the fashion-obsessed, while giving new life to preloved pieces.

Below, a few of our fave moments from a day of friends and community scratching the shopping itch in a responsible way


“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything else that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well… Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity”– Vivienne Westwood, Designer and Climate Activist

At Submission, we believe that being a responsible consumer is key. While it’s imperative to keep the climate crisis in mind when we spend, dressing up, having fun and playing with the way we express ourselves is crucial for our wellbeing as well. Sustainability means many things, among them keeping our mind and spirits in a healthy place – and we think fashion can be such an important part of one’s self care.

Karen Levitt Stylist
Submission Beauty

“I really like the community Submission is creating and love being part of the events at their space. A stylist sale seemed like a win win… great way to recycle all the unworn pieces in my closet while spending a Sunday surrounded by amazing creatives, swapping stories, advice, and seeing the nuances of our personalities and our careers through our racks.”- Karen Levitt, stylist

As a way to put our own spin on a shopping event, we invited stylist friends from our community to bring pieces from their archives and personal closets for a few hours of doing some fun clothes-shopping and storytelling, all while finding a new home for brilliant things and giving money to deserving causes.

“Try to repurpose your wardrobe vs decompose. Rework things that you may be tired of & turn it into something you can’t live without.”


“It’s Cool to Care – it’s that simple. We as humans create so much waste, and fashion isn’t any different. We have so many natural resources that are at our disposable but overlooked. This new wave of consciousness is not a trend but a much needed change!”

– Maleeka Moss, stylist

Submission Beauty

When it comes to our wardrobes, what is your favorite sustainable advice?

“Give your clothes a chance and find a great tailor !! I understand the urge to want something new and shiny, but oftentimes we already have what we’re looking for. It just takes a little bit of a remix to see it!”– Kat Typaldos, stylist, splitting proceeds between Angel City Pits as well as her friend’s pitbull’s surgery

Buying clothes that already exist helps combat the negative environmental effects of fast fashion. When you are purchasing vintage and gently loved clothes, you’re satisfying the craving for something “new” while minimizing the need for additional production, which in turn conserves water, reduces the use of chemicals and lowers the carbon footprint associated with the creation of new garments. 

Choosing to shop in this way gives new life to existing garments, diverting them from landfills and reducing the overall environmental footprint of the fashion industry. And we think this day was a particularly fun way to do something bigger and better.