Kool Thing! Submission teams up with Kim Gordon for the charity sale of the summer

Bright and early on a muggy Sunday, a monumental queue started lining up outside the Submission Beauty LA store for what was to become an epic morning. Hundreds of diehard fans of Sonic Youth frontwoman – and overall legend –  Kim Gordon gathered for a chance to go through a selection from her personal closet, including iconic pieces from both stage and personal life. Submission goodies, pottery, vegan snacks and coffee were on offer as well, as Kim’s devoted admirers had the unique chance to score gems at this once-in-a-lifetime sale, with all proceeds from Kim’s closet going to the incredible Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center. Read on below for more vibes from the event

HOSTS KIM GORDON @kimletgordon  TURNER @turnerturner 
DJ DEEP SPACE @deep___space
COFFEE THERE WILL BE COFFEE @there_will_be_coffee
PASTRIES SNEAKY VEGAN BAKERY @sneaky_vegan_bakery and THE CAKE SLUTS @the.cakesluts
POTTERY DORIEN GARRY @doriengarrystudio 
CHARITIES 100% of proceeds from Kim’s closet sales will go to the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center @dwcweb  20% of proceeds from Dorien Garry’s pottery sales will go to @foodnotbombsdtla and 20% of proceeds from Submission Beauty sales will go to @5gyres

About Kim’s choice to support The Downtown Women’s Shelter with 100% of proceeds from the sale:

“The charity that Kim is generously donating all the proceeds from the sale to is the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles. This organization is dedicated to providing support, resources, and shelter for homeless women in the downtown area. They offer a range of services, including safe and secure housing, meals, counseling, job training, and healthcare assistance. The Downtown Women’s Shelter is known for its holistic approach, aiming to empower women to regain their independence and rebuild their lives. By supporting this charity, Kim’s sale not only helps her declutter but also contributes to making a meaningful impact in the lives of women who are working to overcome challenging circumstances. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the community and support a cause that truly makes a difference.” – Turner @turnerturner stylist, host and co-curator of the sale

“Kim and I have been spending quite a bit of time in her closet over the years. As you can imagine, things have been accumulating, and she’s starting to run out of space. So, the idea for this sale actually came from the need to declutter and make some room. We figured, why not give these items a new home where they’ll be appreciated and donate the proceeds to a women’s charity. Kim genuinely has a heart of gold, she’s such an inspiration and I’m lucky I could do this with her.” Turner 

“It’s quite a challenge to narrow down favorites since Kim’s closet holds such a plethora of special pieces that hold such personal stories, but a couple of pieces stand out to me. One is her DIY Bernie Sanders Black Flag t-shirt, it’s got this punk aesthetic that’s hard to ignore. Another is a leather jacket from Barney’s New York that clearly has been well-loved and worn extensively, giving it a faded patina. These pieces not only showcase her style but also have intriguing narratives attached to them.” – Turner

“Collaborating with Submission Beauty for this sale was a thoughtful decision. Kim and the team at Submission Beauty share a common vision of supporting meaningful causes and making a positive impact. Submission Beauty is a brand known for its dedication to empowering individuals and celebrating diverse beauty. By partnering with Submission Beauty, Kim’s sale gains a platform that resonates with those who appreciate female-led businesses and purpose-driven initiatives. Submission Beauty’s values align well with Kim’s ethics and morals. This collaboration not only helps to showcase the items from Kim’s closet but also amplifies awareness of the Downtown Women’s Shelter and its important work.” – Turner

For more information and to support our charities, please see below 

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