Submission Bucket

Polyester free, recycled cotton scraps 



Our Submission Beauty™ Bucket combines recycled cotton scraps and sustainably sourced cotton for a zero-plastic take on classic comfort-meets-performance headwear. Each piece is constructed in partnership with a Colombian family factory supporting a fair-wage workforce and closed-loop supply chain, and finished with a 100% cotton logo label, stitched with 100% cotton thread locally in LA.

We currently only ship within the US, but for EU and UK orders you can find a full list of our stockists here.

To extend the life of your Bucket, hand wash with gentle soap in cold water. Each Submission Beauty™ Bucket is 100% cotton and thus is best left to air dry, as heated drying may cause shrinkage.

Using recycled cotton scraps helps to avoid the production of virgin cotton, and utilizing a circular supply chain for additional cotton material further solidifies our commitment to sustainable materials sourcing to minimize environmental waste. By selecting 100% cotton labels and thread, we keep even the smallest elements of plastic out of our waterways and waste chains.

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