A laydown product shot of a brushed canvas tote bag made with 100% post-consumer recycled cotton, with a flat-bottom design and coppertone metal rivets at the base of the handles, with a large greyscale graphic in the center depicting a headstone with the words “PLASTIC IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT” in capital letters, and a logo beneath the graphic with the word “submission” in bold, lowercase type, all printed with plastic-free ink

Submission x B. Thom Headstone Tote

100% post-consumer recycled cotton



Our Submission Beauty™ Tote features an exclusive graphic from artist B. Thom, a “plastic post-mortem” inspired by John and Yoko’s ‘69 pacifist rallying cry. The tote is constructed from unbleached 10 oz brushed canvas made with 100% post-consumer recycled cotton, features a flat-bottom design and metal rivets at the handles, and is printed with plastic-free inks in keeping with its message and Submission’s founding ethos.

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To extend the life of your bag and minimize fading of the print, hand wash with gentle soap in cold water. Each Submission Beauty™ Tote is 100% cotton and is best left to air dry, as heated drying may cause shrinkage.

These totes are constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled cotton, making use of otherwise neglected material instead of producing virgin cotton, and excluding the unrecyclable plastic fibers found in less mindfully sourced fabrics. The totes are also printed with water-based inks, eliminating the pollutive waste associated with plastisol inks and ensuring the entire piece is plastic-free.

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