It all made sense at the Time

Pack your bags, we’re taking a trip: Glitter ✔️Besties ✔️Zero plastic beauty ✔️

Photographer Emmanuelle Czerwinski finds small moments of beauty in the afternoon sun

MAKEUP KATIE MANN @trippychickmakeup using Submission Beauty
MODELS LAURA @cosmicfille MIA @demasiadita MOOSE @moojse

Half the time I already live in a swirly world where the light reflects a little more than usual, and the other half I’m trying to remember to notice it

Since getting the highlighters I put them on my eyelid every day because it feels so nice, soft and also adds just a slightly surreal shine …. as if your eyes are just brighter to someone looking at you – because they have a rose colored lens on you, think you’re maybe more beautiful to them, maybe more beautiful to yourself and that helps the energy to delude people lol