A clear-cut voice in a world of noise. Submission Beauty unites again with REMAIN for their FW24 show

Continuing a thread of exploring what originality means today, REMAIN presented their FW24 collection in Copenhagen in the early evening yesterday. In Scandinavia, this time of day naturally means complete and utter darkness, but inside the spirit was glowing bright. REMAIN showed a collection that examined smart ideas of lightness in the ‘uniform’ for the woman of tomorrow.

HAIR MARIANNE JENSEN @mariannejensenhair 
MAKEUP ASSISTANTS LULU HOA @luluhoa_makeupartist, CHRISTINNA HØJHOLT @christinnahojholt, MARTINE MACKENHAUER @martine_mackenhauer
TEREZA LUYIRIKA @terezaluyirika

As creative director Martin Asbjørn explains; his inspiration comes from “a process of capturing the essence of womanhood in all its facets – a delicate balance of empowerment, vulnerability, intelligence, and beauty.” Submission Beauty joined their presentation once again, lovingly shared below

“I’m inspired by the women around me whether it’s on the street, traveling or in my circle. In my designs, I aim to challenge conventional norms in a way that empowers the wearer. By celebrating uniqueness and authenticity, I strive to create garments that not only adorn the body but also uplift the spirit, allowing each individual to feel empowered and confident in their own skin.” – Martin Asbjørn, creative director of REMAIN

Highlighter Deep, Highlighter Lucid and Balm Shiny
Line up at fashionweek makeup artist is doing final touches on the models
@paulanzeribe , @luluhoa_makeupartist , @stine_rr

“Beauty, to me, transcends aesthetics, it’s a reaction that stirs something deep within. It’s an inexplicable pull towards something that resonates with me. I’ve always been drawn to beauty, recognizing its subjective nature yet embracing its transformative power. In the context of this collection, beauty takes on a multifaceted significance. It’s about moving beyond traditional norms and embracing a more feminine aesthetic that celebrates the diversity of body types. It’s about empowering the wearer to feel confident and self-assured.” – Martin Asbjørn, creative director of REMAIN

portrait of martin Asbjørn wearing a blue knitted sweater

“We contacted a lot of Italian fabric mills when starting up the collection and asked to see dead stock. Every showpiece not belonging to the leather groups is crafted from these carefully curated deadstock fabrics, ensuring both creativity and eco-consciousness are at the forefront of our collection which is made of 90% preferred materials.” – Martin Asbjørn

“As makeup artists, we often find joy in the extreme and turning up the volume with our craft. But sometimes there is such beauty in keeping it down to earth, and not trying to overpower a natural and beautiful face. That feels fresh to me. The REMAIN woman is real” Stine Rasmussen, makeup artist for the FW24 show

“For the FW24 REMAIN show, we continued our idea from last season of playing with individuality and gently embraced and highlighted the models’ natural features. The eye is looking a little sleepy from too much dancing the night before? – keep it, and dab a little of our Submission Balm Shiny and Highlighter Deep on the lid. We kept the skin matte and lips strong, enhancing them by outlining with a natural lip liner that was 1-2 tones darker.

Use little hints to highlight, instead of a heavy hand that tries to correct something. This makes each person on the runway stand out – because of their own inherent uniqueness.” Stine Rasmussen

Girl get her makeup done wih zero plastic balm in glass container and with tin lid
@eliizakuol @stine_rr

“The continued progress REMAIN is making towards developing real connections with sustainable suppliers is a major reason we’ve teamed up with them once again. This collection shows timeless pieces that you will want to keep wearing forever, and are made with a focus on harming the environment less – an spirit we relate to so deeply and admire at Submission Beauty” – Stine Rasmussen, makeup artist and co-founder of Submission Beauty