Sometimes the place we live is only partially our home.

“For Trans and Queer folks, no physical place is ever truly HOME. Our selves are scattered in bits and pieces, partly by the limitlessness of our boundaries but also by the necessity to remain hidden and nebulous. We live in the in-between spaces, surviving in a world that often wishes that we dissipate into thin air, our existence posing too many questions that have no answer.” BLIOUX

MODEL DAME @damelavie

What does living a full, happy life look like when so much of yourself is muted, paused, and dispersed? Forever an exotic interloper.  

You find joy where you can. You express your limitless nature in small increments, remaining tolerable to remain safe. You cherish those extravagant parts of yourself before they become the detritus that rests in the cracks along with the pennies and monsters.

Eventually, you find community. In community, you find a place to rest, a place to line the windows with your memories and hopes. In community, we resuscitate our dreams and build our strength. In community we find love and recognition. In community, we piece enough of ourselves back together to construct an imperfect but beautiful whole.

CLOUDS by Resavoir is a piece of music that inspired the duo while working on this project together