So take a chance, with a couple of kooks

Photographer Andrew Harrington and makeup artist Miguel Ramos embark on an exploration of the other, roused by endlessly inspiring Submission Beauty muse TATI

MODEL TATI @nokiss4uu @uniteuniteus

“I asked Andy if he would be willing to shoot a sketch series with Tati in an intimate setting, We approached it with very minimal guidelines. Soon after meeting Tati I was quickly absorbed by their personality, which made me decide to allow the present, conversation and pop culture to direct the evolving makeup looks Tati allowed me to express.” – Miguel Ramos, Makeupartist

“After doing runway, for 10+ years, you develop a sense of instantly connecting with the person you’re sharing energy with during an intimate moment. Tati being well versed in makeup and being non-binary allowed me to explore different aspects of being, channeling their different personas.”

“To me, beauty is an expression of genuine portrayal that excites.”