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Submission Beauty scatters glitter on the Private Policy Fungi Kingdom 

Ask me, “How is it growing?” For FW22, Private Policy peered into the magical world of mushrooms for inspiration, stumbling upon curious new ways to interpret the space that exists between the natural and technological space. Below, join Submission Beauty as we add a touch of glitter and explore the fungi universe.

MAKEUP ZENIA JAEGER @makeupbyzeniajaeger @streetersagency using Submission Beauty
HAIR KIEN HOANG @kienhoang 
MAKEUP ASSISTANTS ELIKA HILATA @elikahilata_makeup ANNA KURIHARA @annakuriharabeauty NANASE ITO @nana7se ANGELINA PANG @a.rosemua

Never shy to look in unusual places for inspiration, Private Policy found themselves fascinated by mushrooms this season, dissecting documentaries and studies on the subject for their most recent collection “Organic Futurism”. Taking cues from the color palette of the funghi universe, they showed a utilitarian-minded collection – always a strong inspiration for the Chinese-American brand – with straps, harnesses, cargo pockets and multiple practical details. An exciting new material was introduced this season, the designers finding a way to make signature keychains from a leather-like material, made from dehydrated mushrooms. A first for Private Policy, shoes are now on offer: a highlight being the booties resembling surgical covers, produced via 3D molds from zero-waste foam. A perfect example of the designer’s ability to combine sustainable and forward-pushing technology with humor. The PP customer, often described as clubkids with a heart and fondness for sustainability, will have plenty of eccentric options for both late night raves  and a well dressed foraging trip in nature.

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Submission’s own Zenia Jaeger looked to the brightest infusion of color in the collection, a signature muted lavender, to inspire the makeup look for the season. Using the multi functional Shiny Balm, a new Submission Beauty product to be released later this year, she freshened up eyelids, cheeks and pouts on a stellar cast of models, mixing in various amounts of violet pigments to perfectly complement the collection.To top off the look, each model had a sprinkling of our signature biodegradable Submission Beauty Glitter in silver, a shining pop to compliment the metallic hair styles and details in the collection.


“FUNGI KINGDOM has endless possibilities for a sustainable future. Showing fungi in a futuristic and sci-fi aesthetic, we want to convince people that fungi is the future!”– Siying Qu and Haoran Li, co-founders, Private Policy