Reduse, Reuse, Recycle, Review: Submission Beauty x Rave Review Fall Winter ‘24

Submission Beauty joined our long-time faves for our first ever fashion show in Milan – Rave Review Fall Winter ‘24. Below, get a peek backstage and learn more about the thoughts behind the show.

PHOTOGRAPHY JACOBO OLMO @theinsaneballer17
STYLING VITTORIA CERCIELLO @vittoriacerciello @maworldgroup
MAKEUP ZENIA JAEGER @makeupbyzeniajaeger@streetersagency using
HAIR RACHEL LEE @_uncle__lee_ @maworldgroup
CASTING EMMA MATELL @emmamatell @maworldgroup
STINE RASMUSSEN @stine_rr CHIARA GIANGROSSI @giangrossichiaramua JUHO LEHIÖ @lehiojuho ANNA MANNILA @annamannila

Hauntology by Rave Review is a nod to personal experiences, recalling days of teenage curiosity. This season Rave Review revives the thrill of discovering forgotten dusty treasures in your grandmother’s wardrobe, piecing together a look from a mix of old and new. Borrowing its title from Mark Fisher’s famous concept of hauntology, the collection explores the lingering specters of the past in the present through fragmented pieces, as if stitched together from memories, resonating with echoes from the past.

The garments, fashioned from repurposed materials, haul shapes from bygone eras, floating seamlessly between 60s vintage and Y2K aesthetics, harmonizing with a hauntological essence, where history becomes faint and nostalgia is not sentimentality for a specific era but rather a haunting reminder of the lost potentials of the past.

“We named our collection Hauntology, partly in line with Mark Fisher’s concept of the same name. He theorizes that in modern day capitalist society it is increasingly harder to imagine an original future free from the past, we are constantly haunted by ghosts of fragmented failed futures all around us. The very fact that we upcycle means we are also obsessed by the past, but hopefully in a way that is reimaginery and as original as we can be.” – Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, creative directors, Rave Review

“Inspired by the concept of Hauntology, with this collection we paint the picture of a younger person going through and rediscovering old generic garments from their grandmas closet, trying them on; piecing and puzzling torn patches together, creating something new and original out of these dusty clothes. This very scene captures the whole vibe of the collection, a bit preppy-gone very punky and although nostalgic, ultimately forward facing.
We hope to communicate the soul of the brand, how to wear our clothes and inspire, both in terms of upcycling but also the Rave Review punkish style. This season we worked with such an amazing cast as well, amongst these a lot of cool local Milan people.”

Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, creative directors, Rave Review 

“Its’ been such a rewarding and organic experience working with Submission Beauty. Everything just falls in place when you love the product and team behind it. They fully understand our vision and know how much to push in in terms of craziness, so it complement the collection.”

  • Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, creative directors, Rave Review

“The glitter and overall mood for the make-up fits the collection soo good. Most of the clothes have a bit of dusty, dry feeling to them. Adding this glitter to some of the girls is a nice contrast to that and really adds this extra interesting element to the looks. Apart from the green and custom-made bronze glitter, they have very bare and naked skin. We wanted to highlight all the individual characteristics on each girl from the amazing cast in a natural and fresh way.”

  • Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, creative directors, Rave Review 

@toryfavarettoo @stine_rr

“At Submission Beauty, we are long-time fans of Rave Review, in fact, they were the focus of one of the first features on our editorial platform. Their values, what they stand for and how they express it aligns so perfectly with our point of view. We share a mutual belief in presenting sustainable luxury in a forwardthinking, unusual and unexpected way and working with them on this show feels like a real full-circle moment.”

  • Zenia Jaeger, makeup artist for the FW24 Rave Review show

“With the beauty for the show, we wanted to support the beautifully diverse casting by keeping everyone very authentic. We kept everyone’s skin very raw and real, allowing each model to present their personality and feeling fully themselves, freckles, scars and all.”

  • Zenia Jaeger, makeup artist for the FW24 Rave Review show


“The dewy skin on all models was achieved by using our Balm Shiny and the newest addition to the Submission Beauty family, the Highlighter Deep and Highlighter Lucid. Some models had either a glitter brow or lip in Glitter Green or Glitter Bronze, a new limited edition color we created especially for this show. The proportions of the lips and brows were bold and slightly exaggerated, playing perfectly with the idea of gothy beauty, inspired by the dark and dusty color palette of the collection.”

Zenia Jaeger, makeup artist for the FW24 Rave Review show

“We are very excited to incorporate the entire range of Submission Beauty products for the Rave Review FW24 show. This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to see them all in play for a fashion show and it felt like the perfect moment to present the world with our all-star lineup”

Zenia Jaeger, makeup artist for the FW24 Rave Review show