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I’ll be your mirror: Submission Beauty joins REMAIN for their SS24 show –  a reflection on originality

In a celebration of the original, for the SS24 season Danish design force REMAIN created a world of mirrors with reflections in every direction. Submission Beauty’s natural, silver glitter looks contributed to the idea of “a mirror to the soul” – silver being universally believed to represent clarity, strength and pureness. Together, REMAIN and Submission created a subtle yet magical world where being original in our own way is what gives us strength and power

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“ Originality [ uh-rij-uh-nal-i-tee ]

1. Ability to think or express oneself in an independent and inidivual manner, creative ability “

In Copenhagen on Tuesday afternoon, a parade of models strode through a silver room filled with mirrors everywhere the eye wandered. The REMAIN SS24 show proposes a new way of looking – being able to look into ourselves and raise the question – What does it mean to be original? Each item created for the collection showed subtle complexity while presenting a backdrop for independence and confidence brought by the models – bringing the garments to life. The collection showed fabulous craftsmanship in visionary tailoring, exploring modern silhouettes while also honoring feminine and masculine traditions. As REMAIN states ‘darkness meets light’, a vision of sculptural silhouettes, harder utilitarian details and traditionally masculine tailoring is  ‘paired with gauzy transparent knits, delicate shirting and a flowing sheer hand-embellished skirt and robe’ to contribute to this very duality.

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“This season, we have chosen to reflect on the concept of originality. Less so in the clothing itself, but in the wearer. How the owner of a garment can bring life and individuality to it in a way that one could never imagine when seeing the pieces hanging. The collection is crafted to empower the wearer, with elegant, simple shapes with specific, illusionary details.” Submission Beauty contributed to the reflective fantasy, with our own Stine Rasmussen as key makeup artist, Rasmussen and her team using our products Balm Shiny to bring to light the idea of reflection and shine as well as Glitter Silver, which was applied to eyelids for the show. 

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“Instead of making the models present in a uniform look, I wanted to enhance the natural faces of the models, keeping their individuality and celebrating the originality of the stellar casting. A clean and subtly glowing face matches the aesthetic of the collection.” 

– Stine Rasmussen, Submission Beauty, Key Makeup Artist for the REMAIN SS24

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“Using our Submission Beauty Glitter Silver was the perfect way to incorporate the idea of mirrors into the makeup, a nod to the mirrors being used in the show ambience as an expression of (self)reflection. I also adore the idea of showing how you can incorporate glitter into your look in a more subtle way: glitter doesn’t always have to be an over-the-top party statement.”

– Stine Rasmussen, Submission Beauty, Key Makeup Artist for the REMAIN SS24

Submission Beauty’s intention is to make everyone comfortable in their own skin. With this show, it was REMAIN’s  vision to encourage attendees and onlookers to nor pre-judge but to observe and look deeper into themselves. Thinking of originality as meaning the ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual fashion – this collaboration was a perfect balance to help all of us see each other as we see ourselves.