What I Would Like to Grow in My Garden

Some seek out nature; gardens, parks and forests, as a place to take a deep breath and escape the hum-drum banality of the urban everyday. To others, nature offers somewhere to experience a connection with our ancestors, a spiritual refuge, an altar where we can physically touch a place that reminds us of where it all began. 

In this story, makeup artist Johanna Nomiey invites her team for a bit of biophilia at one of her own favorite places to enjoy nature, Malibu Creek State Park.

HAIR KELLY PEACH @kellypeachbeauty at @walterschupfermanagement
MAKEUP JOHANNA NOMIEY @johannanomiey using
MODEL STEPH KO @youngieeeeeee
POEM KATHERINE RIEGEL @katherineriegel

“Peonies, heavy and pink as ’80s bridesmaid dresses
and scented just the same. Sweet pea,
because I like clashing smells and the car
I drove in college was named that: a pea-green
Datsun with a tendency to backfire.”

From “What I Would Like to Grow in My Garden” By Katherine Riegel

“Sugar snap peas, which I might as well
call memory bites for how they taste like
being fourteen and still mourning the horse farm
I had been uprooted from at ten.
Also: sage, mint, and thyme—the clocks
of summer—and watermelon and blue lobelia.”

“Lavender for the bees and because I hate
all fake lavender smells. Tomatoes to cut
and place on toasted bread for BLTs, with or without
the b and the l. I’d like, too, to plant
the sweet alyssum that smells like honey and peace,
and for it to bloom even when it’s hot,”

“and also lilies, so I have something left
to look at when the rabbits come.
They always come. They are
always hungry. And I think I am done
protecting one sweet thing from another.”