Highlighter Lucid and Highlighter Deep

Submission Beauty celebrates our new Highlighters with a Sunset Soirée

Submission Beauty invited a few of our favorites to an intimate dinner at our flagship store in Silverlake to celebrate the recent launch of our new highlighters

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Perfectly timed for the Sunday sunset, Submission Beauty invited a small group of friends and family for a gathering to celebrate our newest members of our product family, the Highlighter Deep and Highlighter Lucid. 

A cozy fall dinner table was set up in the shared courtyard in front of our Silverlake store, where guests tasted dreamy artisanal handmade mezcal from Yola and sipped on wine from local favorite Lou Wine ShopOur gang of besties were also treated to an array of delicious vegan pan-Asian comfort food.

“I’m so excited about introducing everyone to the highlighters we’ve developed for our growing line of Submission Beauty products. There are two key factors that make me so proud of this launch. Firstly, we’ve created an incredibly versatile product in two different shades that is genuinely multifunctional and works for all skin types + skin tones. With every launch, we’re always trying to cut down on all the clutter in the market. Versatility in one product means less products on the shelf and the highlighter duo is a great example of this – do more with less.” – Zenia Jaeger, founder, Submission Beauty

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The guests of honor for the night were of course the new babies – our highlighters. Launched in mid-October, the multifunctional plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan cream highlighters come in two shades, Deep and Lucid, created to enhance features and high points such as cheekbones and eyes and are made for all skin types. As with all Submission Beauty products, the highlighters come in zero-plastic packaging and shipping materials, preventing toxic plastic from leaching into the product, body, and the environment.

“Secondly, creating another option in the market that comes in zero-plastic packaging offers a viable solution to cut down on the excessive waste and plastic pollution that others in the beauty industry are pushing out. With this launch, we’ve also improved on our cap design, so we are now using even less zero-plastic paint” – Zenia Jaeger, founder, Submission Beauty

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What is your beauty tip?

“My beauty tip is – stay out of the sun!”
Åkerlund, mother, wife and fashion activist @bcompleted

Why is sustainability important?

“Because our world is dying” Saturn, artist, @saturnrisin9


Why is being yourself so important?

“I think it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. I know everyone just wants to feel accepted in this world, but it’s much more fun to be a reject. You’re never going to be happy living in someone else’s skin” 

Maleeka Moss, stylist @maleeka.moss

At our Sunday night soirée, raunchy stories were shared, deep conversations turned into raucous laughter, full bellies shaken around on the dancefloor and the love for all things natural and beautiful was felt all around. What more could someone ask for to fight away the Sunday scaries?