Four for Four

M Czerwinski invited some friends to remake their selfies with Submission glitter, and asked them each a few candid questions.

MODELS CHRIS @choker MALCOLM @alfonso.pottery MELI @meliulkumen VINCE @vinceaung

Meli @meliulkumen
Big time lover girl, just touched down in Spain

What surrounds you right now?

I’m surrounded by bedsheets and my trinkets in Spain.

What is currently your favorite thing about yourself?

My ability to stay calm in high stress situations.

List three sparkly things:

My inner eye corner shadow, the sunlight on water, sequins on my slippers.

List three things currently making you happy:

Finally sleeping in my bed after a long time, seeing my family, making new friends 🙂

Malcolm @alfonso.pottery 
Chef, ceramicist, just started going back to the gym

If you close your eyes right now what do you hear?

Brian Eno ambience.

What has been your motto lately?

I am enough to deserve the good things happening to me.

List three sparkly things:

Late day driving by building windows, whiskey soda with bitters, gold flakes in the river.

List three flavors that go well together:

Vanilla ice cream, mango, chili crisp.

How would you ideally spend a day off?

Luxurious breakfast, swim at a lake, make my art, dinner at home with friends, movie night.

Vince @vinceaung
Photographer, currently on a solo road trip in Montana

What colors of the sky have you seen on your drive?

Purple, indigo, grey.

List three of your favorite karaoke songs to sing:

Use Somebody, Stuck On You, As Long As You Love Me.

List three sparkly things:

A lake when the sun hits at the right time, disco ball, diamond ring.

What have you learned about yourself lately?

I keep turning a blind eye on something important I have yet to do (which I can’t say).