Resilient beauty: Submission Beauty joins forces with Bevza for SS24

The simple beauty of the marigold has become synonymous with Svitlana Bevza’s native Ukraine, and inspired her to create a touching collection for the SS ‘24 season. With a powerful return to New York Fashion Week, Bevza invited Submission Beauty to join forces and translate her vision for the strong women of today. Below, get a peak behind the scenes of our shared proposal

MAKEUP ZENIA JAEGER @makeupbyzeniajaeger at @streetersagency using 
HAIR KIEN HOANG  @kienhoang

In designer Svetlana Bevza’s mother country Ukraine, the marigold can be found everywhere and for this season the flower served as the starting point for inspiration. Ukrainians see it as a symbol of revival, maternal strength and love for your home country – and for Svitlana there is a deep personal connection. The designer would receive these flowers often from her grandfather and has been planting new crops of the flower every spring, from seeds given to her by him more than 20 years ago. 

With this collection, Bevza showed evergreen looks with unexpected details, formidably crafted and tailored, based around the idea that a strong wardrobe of well made pieces will last you a lifetime.

“I believe sustainability is the only way to proceed. The industry itself produces so much garbage and pollution, which is why we use a lot of zero waste technologies as well as sustainable materials. This time the hardware is made from glass while the tops and caps are made from fabric waste. The natural fabric and zero waste technologies are also very important to me personally because as a mom sustainability matters to me. I want a better future for my kids and for all of us. We have to be super conscious while creating and consuming. We are not doing things for you to spend money, we are creating long lasting pieces of the finest quality for you to invest in.” Svitlana Bevza, designer 

We see a powerful statement here: invest in timeless pieces with an edge, seek out clothing made from materials that are kind to the planet and last longer than a few dates and lastly, rid your closet of pieces that belong to niche trends that are dated as soon as you’ve closed the app where they were first being forced on you. Quality over quantity is key, and Bevza offers a very chic place to start.

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“I don’t feel a need to create another garment, I feel a need to tell the story. Being an example of an Ukrainian girl who witnessed the war as millions of Ukrainian girls did, it’s important for me to tell the truths about the beauty of my homeland. It’s very important for us to continue the storytelling on Ukrainian symbolism, and we really want that to sprout everywhere.”

– Svitlana Bevza

Models with Svitlana @ Bevza

“For me, beauty is elegance and by that I mean one’s general approach to their life. It’s how you treat your family, your friends, the planet, and how you treat and respect yourself. This is the beauty of everyday choices. This is the purity and honesty, to the entity to life”

– Svitlana Bevza

“I found a lightness and transparency in many of Svitlana’s SS24 pieces that spoke to me immediately. The collection layers sheer and shiny with natural and toned down materials. 

  For me, this translated to a very light touch of makeup, an almost completely bare and matte face with a focus on a high-gloss eyelid and dewy lip, both easily achieved by using the Submission Beauty Balm Shiny.” Zenia Jaeger, makeup artist for the SS24 Bevza show

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I know that submission beauty is a very respected team. It’s super interesting to work with them because I think it’s always the most difficult to do a minimalist makeup look and make everyone feel beautiful. That’s why I’m very excited to be working with the team. 

– Svitlana Bevza

@birgitveegen & @madeleinegerman

“The Bevza woman is resilient, powerful and walks to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t seek out trends or fads, which is reflected in the makeup we did for the show. It’s not fussy, it’s easy to apply and best of all it is flattering on every face.”

– Zenia Jaeger