submission beauty sits with Iceicebabyspice and talks all things creation, sex, and body positivity

She is an enigma. A perfect storm of creativity, expression, and uniqueness that cant be replicated. She is Iceicebabyspice, the icelandic 3D master who is owning her own self and doesn’t care about the haters. Deep fakes, heavily edited photos, and extreme makeup looks are her specialty, but she doesn’t hide behind any of them. Read ahead to hear what she has to say about owning her individuality and letting the haters fuel her moment. 


Growing up in an Icelandic household in the middle of Miami-Dade Florida, did you ever grapple with a sense of estrangement or dissociation with your peers?

I loved Miami. It was actually when I moved back to Iceland at age 12 that I started to feel strange and othered. In Miami I had grown up with my peers, I had spent so much time with them in school and extracurricular activities. But in Iceland I got called “the American” in school even though I’m fully Icelandic and fluent in the language. It was strange to be in a new country that was so completely different from where I had grown up.

You mentioned that your parents put you on diets at a very young age. Did that pressure of “losing weight” have an impact on you?

It definitely did – but I don’t hold any grudges. I’ve spoken to them about it and most of it was coming from good intentions. This is something I think about probably on the daily, not solely because of my parents but also the media growing up in the non-PC world of the 2000’s. I’ve recently been rewatching shows I grew up watching and the amount of fatphobia in them is insane. I, on the other hand, have always had a certain attitude about myself and have always thought I’m amazing. Which is funny to say, of course I have my low moments but I’ve always been able to pick myself up. I tend to think about things I’m good at and go over positives in my head that have nothing to do with appearance.

If you could tell the younger iceicebabyspice one thing, what would it be?

Open up a bit more, you aren’t a burden to the people around you.

I read that you became addicted to porn at the age of 7 and that it helped you discover and embrace your confidence. What is your relationship to porn now? Has the recent rise in feminist porn caught your eye or changed your perspective in any way? 

I still watch porn here and there. I haven’t really thought about it too much. I need to look into feminist porn more. I think though the whole porn industry needs a reset, with the amount of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and underage children involved.

Whats your take on feminism? Do you believe in it? Do you have your own definition of what it is?

Of course I believe in feminism, but in my eye feminism is mainly about equality for every marginalized being, not just femmes.

As a porn lover myself, I cant help but think of the 3D porn generators that are gaining traction when I see your work. Have you ever considered blessing the Adult Industry with your characters?

Honestly, I have thought about it but I have a feeling it would be more of a comedic take than anything that’s actually that arousing.

Your aesthetic is really unmatched. Were there any major influences on your road to becoming the IceIceBabySpice we know and love today?

Well I always look to myself and my past experiences for inspiration. I’ve always loved to experiment with new techniques and seeing how far I can take them. I also look at a lot of 2000s children’s films and TV shows.

Im sure that being such a body positive advocate, in such a wildly sexy and free way, comes with its fair share of haters. Do you have anything to say to them?

Work on yourself instead of bringing others down! What do you actually gain from spreading hate! That being said I love my haters, makes me feel like I made it hehe.

You experiment so much with your beauty looks. Has there ever been a look that really made you feel free and totally let go?

Well my beauty looks to be honest haven’t changed that much, I’ve basically been doing the same makeup since I was about 14, I found what worked and ran with it. I always feel the most free when I have my daily makeup, it’s natural with a little extra oomph.

Whats next for iceicebabyspice?

That depends on what’s going on in the world in the next few weeks, I can be quite indecisive, so now I just really need to make my mind up and see what happens. Work wise I just want to keep doing what I’ve been doing with the only exception being my mental health comes first. I have often forgotten to make sure I’m ok. I’m just obsessed with working and it happens but I’m making more of an effort now and I can feel the differences.