GANNI celebrates the power of ‘YES’ with Submission Glitter

Misty seafoam, crimson, lilac, and pale corn. Rich earth, lavender, and a patch of fresh moss. 

Leave it to a pack of earth-conscious innovators from the Nordics to make a seemingly muted palette feel like a genuinely loud garden rave. The Ganni SS22 show was a riot. submission had a backstage pass, and we’re inviting you behind the scenes for a closer look.



“The collection is about saying yes to what feels right, saying yes to yourself. It’s about loving yourself, expressing yourself, and being happy with who you are.”

– Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI



Late Thursday morning, a parade of models glided by an audience high atop a hillside in the sky, in the middle of a bustling industrial area of Copenhagen. Ditte Refstrup, and her team at GANNI, presented their Spring/Summer ‘22 collection on top of Copenhill, an architectural – and sustainable – marvel of modern-day city development in the Danish capital. A building that aligns itself with the values at the core of the GANNI brand: transparency, novelty, sustainability, and responsibility. It was an ideal location for their triumphant comeback to the IRL fashion show format. 

‘Higher Love’ as the collection was named, lived up to its loftiness and displayed a sense of joy in the rediscovery of near-forgotten familiar happiness – this in part due to the design team bringing back favorites from the brand archive. Silhouettes old and new were rendered in fresh hues of earthy tones and muted brights, the palette glowing like a bouquet of wildflowers plucked from the Danish countryside that same morning. In the words of the creative director, it was a celebration of saying YES to everything again and “throwing your arms around the world, having fun, dancing, hedonism – an antidote to our recent times of lockdown and staying home.” 

In the trusted hands of lead makeup artist Trine Skjøth, submission beauty was lucky to be a part of the show with our responsible luxury glitter in the form of joyful strokes across cheeks, browbones, and lids. She shared a few words with us about her inspiration for the look: 

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“The makeup for the GANNI SS22 show is about having fun. It’s about quirkiness, feeling good in your skin, and not trying too hard—a very laissez-faire approach to makeup. This is why I loved being able to use the submission beauty glitter. Besides being completely organic, environmentally friendly, and not harming anyone, the glitters are so fun to play with. Somehow, it’s makeup but not makeup. If you’re not a makeup person, you can just play around with it. 

How are you feeling today? If you want to be a little tough, you can do a pointy liner with the glitter or make it smoother. It’s not complicated. For the GANNI show, I was playing around with the four beautiful colors on each girl. I spoke about the glitter with each girl and asked them how they would like to wear it. Each of them decided which color they loved the most, and together we created their look. 

This is very much how I see makeup: It doesn’t have to be approached step by step or following the guidelines. To me, it’s much more about telling the rest of the world how you are feeling: Communication can happen through makeup.”