A sparkling celebration: Submission Beauty and GANNI throw bicoastal parties

Over the weekend, Submission teamed up with GANNI to celebrate our first ever collaboration with in-store parties on both US coasts. Friday night the downtown LA GANNI store hosted the festivities, while Saturday night Miami’s Design District GANNI store was the palace to be. Check out our coverage below


We’re thrilled to be the first ever brand to collaborate with GANNI on a beauty launch of zero-plastic, plant based and biodegradable glitters in 3 exclusive shades – Iridescent Pink, Holographic and Mixed. It was really about doing something we haven’t tried before.

The pink is a perennial favorite, but we’ve amped it up with multiple shades and sizes to make it even more dynamic. The holographic is a more futuristic look – we do see Submission as future beauty, after all – that has a bit more mystery and bold allure. Then the mixed colourway is a crowd-pleaser, it can go with anything, and has the multicolored appeal of the pearlescent interior of a seashell.

If there is a theme that ties the colourways together, it’s celebration – whether it’s an all-night party, a once-a-year holiday, or just a normal day in need of some excitement, these glitters are an effortless way to go all out.

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“Submission’s universe is so full of expression and color just like GANNI’s and I couldn’t be happier that our first beauty collaboration is with them. We came up with these super fun colors that are all about giving people a way to express themselves and go a little crazy. We share the same vision for our industries. Working with old friends feels amazing and I can’t wait to introduce the glitter to our community.”

– Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI

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Our collaboration with GANNI turns wasteful, toxic traditional glitter on its head, providing a plant-based, biodegradable alternative to microplastic glitter that offers all the flash and fun of the original, with none of the harm to the human body and our ecosystem.”

– Zenia Jaeger, Founder, Submission Beauty