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Lockdowns, self-quarantine and forced self-isolation have unsurfaced a plethora of questionable beauty fads and trends on social media, as we all spent too many moments dolling ourselves up for all the parties we and noone else were going to. 

One movement that we at Submission Beauty do however stand behind, is the emergence of incredibly talented makeup experimenters who have used their platforms to  charge a new path; exploring raw, provocative and completely unexpected new ways of looking at beauty. One such incredible talent is Lynda, aka @lythegoodtree, who much like her sisters in crime explains that what she does is merely “drawing on her face for fun”

Read on below, as she answers a few questions on beauty, life and creativity


When did you decide to start using makeup as more of a means to express yourself?

 I “officially” started doing makeup as a form of art two years ago during lockdown. I always loved experimenting with makeup and during lockdown I was looking for a way to remain creative and occupied. I came across someone who did it, I was curious and I just started doing simple graphic liners at first. I kept getting excited about the next look and how far I can push it. I wanted to keep learning and seeing my limits.

What’s your first memory of makeup? Whether it be the first time you wore it or saw someone you look up to try something.

My real first memory with makeup would be trying to recreate makeup looks I would see on girls when I was in middle school. It was usually a little bit of dark eyeshadow and a liner wing, which was new to me because I was coming from Cameroon, and they don’t let girls wear makeup at school, so I had to learn to catch up with the others.

Do you have an art background?

I do not have an art background, but I wished I studied art after highschool. I have always been into visual arts in general: photography, drawing, design etc..

I used to draw when I was younger, but I don’t have an extensive knowledge, except from the one I built myself. However, I think it made it a little bit easier to start doing this kind of make-up.

Who’s your favorite person to follow that is also painting their face for fun?

One of my favorite people to follow is Mei Pang (@Meicrosoft on IG). Her work is amazing, colorful and always differen, a real game changer!

What’s a look that you have a vision for but haven’t done yet?

I’ve been into neurographic art lately. I came across some drawings on Pinterest and I’m really interested to see how it would look on me.

If you could give anyone a piece of advice what would it be?

I would say start with what you have and can afford, learn from your peers, keep practicing and trust your vision