Models of Tomorrow

A funny thing happened when Submission Beauty ran a story on Joe Viola and the future faces of beauty back in September of ‘21. Ever since it went live, our inbox has been flooded with emails from hopeful faces from all over the world, hoping we’d see their images and want to represent them as models. It’s not something we ever dreamt of pursuing – read on below to see what we decided to do instead.

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Submission Beauty is many things, but a model agency we are not. This didn’t stop an incredible number of beautiful faces from places as far as Bulgaria and Canada from reaching out to see if we’d be interested in giving them representation as models. The original piece was about questioning what the industry considers beautiful and how a young agent is pursuing change. It’s been six months since we ran the story – and the emails from model hopefuls are still coming in daily. After the initial surprise and chuckle about the absurdity of the whole thing, we thought: why not run with an interpretation of their request and do a follow up to that story? The end result is below: a portfolio of new faces shot in Los Angeles and New York, a gorgeous group who all have something important to say about the status quo.

What is the most important change you hope to inspire others to make?

I hope to inspire people by leading with love, showing that what we think and say whether it’s to ourselves or others, reflects into our everyday lives.

What do you think makes you the face of future beauty?

I am the face of future beauty because I am a reflection of many people if not all. We grow up thinking we’re so alone just to find out a lot of us have many things and memories in common.  I believe the choices I make, the struggles I’ve been through and how everyday I continue to strive and move forward gracefully makes me the face of future beauty. 

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me means being present, vulnerable and embracing the moments you are in now. Beauty to me is seeing someone do something they absolutely love, zoned in! When I see people performing, being creative, or even simply laughing with the people they cherish, that is beauty.

What do you think is lacking in the beauty and fashion industry- and how do you believe we can change it?

Where do I start? One thing I think the beauty and fashion industry needs is inclusion of bigger women, men and theys in high fashion. I hate only seeing one size of models walk down a runway or in an ad. It’s both boring and tone deaf. I want everyone to be able to see themselves in the most beautiful garments, not just a selective bunch. I believe we as a society can change that by not being so fixated on only skinny equating to beauty. By putting people of all different sizes as the face of beauty to change our view on beauty. 

What do you think makes you the face of future beauty

I feel strange answering this question because I don’t know if I specifically am the future face of beauty. But I do believe that my beauty represents my generation’s beauty in the sense that I’m always changing and morphing myself into something new. Similar to Gen Z. 

What is an unusual place you find beauty

I find beauty in chaos. I think it has a lot to do with the way I grew up. But there’s something about the intensity and passion, whether it’s negative or positive, that’s so encapsulating for me. Chaos is raw and unhinged so I find that beautiful. 

What is lacking in the beauty and fashion industry – and how do you believe we can change it?

Individuality. Right now in fashion I feel like people not only follow trends, but they base their personality off of the things they see in the media. Everyone is wearing the same things. Models are all starting to have the same look and aesthetic which is why a lot of people are sporting similar looks. I think the way to change  this in the industry is by figuring out what you want for yourself and who you are as a person and for agencies and designers to stop pushing a very specific look and agenda. Go more in depth when it comes to your character. Fear is the number one ruler in some people’s lives. Their comfort zone is what feels the safest to them. Unlearn all the things you’ve been taught and shown. 

What do you believe makes you the face of future beauty?

My beauty is unconventional. I don’t really care about beauty standards or what society says I should look like and identify as. I’m unapologetically me. I’m not scared to be who I am and put myself out into the world. I don’t let judgement from others bother me. I love how thick my eyebrows are. I love how the placement of my tattoos throws people off. I love the way each of my locs is different. I don’t let anyone define my character or my beauty but me. I’m also very versatile when it comes to my beauty and who I am as a person. Beauty isn’t just a physical trait people possess. It’s something that manifests from within. It’s the traits , morals, and characteristics that I possess. How assertive I am with the things I do and say when it comes to my identity. My unconventional charm, my body being a canvas and my unique features are what makes me the face of future beauty. 

What is an unusual place you find beauty?

In music. I only listen to artists who I feel like I resonate with. People who are out here living life like me or who’ve had life experiences like me.  Everything that goes into the music making process is a reflection of the thoughts and feelings the artist is trying to communicate, it’s up to us to hear them or not and when you do. It’s complete bliss, it’s like becoming oblivious to everything. In the state of mind that I want to be in. That’s what I think is one of the most beautiful qualities of life.

What is the most important change you hope to inspire others to make?

I want others, as well as myself, to become less impressionable. I find I can be easily swayed, or persuaded this way or that. I know I have good morals, and I should stay grounded and unwavering in these convictions. Others should do the same. Life might feel more real, and less derivative that way. 

What do you think makes you the face of future beauty?

I don’t know if I’m THE face of future beauty but I think I could be A face of future beauty. I don’t think there should be any one face of future beauty. When I think of beauty I think of many different faces, behaviors and moments in time. It would be nice if the whole of a model were captured in editorials, campaigns, etc. I’m more interested in the stories behind every model, photographer and makeup or hair stylist. Learning intimate details about someone’s life has never made them less beautiful to me. 

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty, to me, means treating others with kindness and having grace. As I said before, I find the most beautiful are those who adhere to their morals. That’s probably the sexiest quality someone could have right now.

What is the most important change you hope to inspire others to make ?

I hope to inspire others to be confident within themselves and their art, regardless of what other people say.

What do you think makes you the face of future beauty? 

My face is different from others, I have strong facial features and eyelid tattoos. There’s not enough representation of this within the fashion industry, and I’m ready to pave the way for other women who look like me.

What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty is what makes you feel good, whether it be your favorite meal or self care routine. To be beautiful is to feel beautiful within and radiate that energy externally.

“Submission biodegradable glitter sparkling on my eyelids.”

What is lacking in the beauty and fashion industry – and how do you believe we can change it?

I think what’s lacking is respect for slow fashion and an ethical/realistic timeline for designers. We can change this by removing the unnecessary amount of collections, seasons, and styles. In turn, allowing people to breathe, be creative, and be respected for their art. Reducing the rates of mental illness, loss of periods, and burnout in the fashion/beauty world. Slowing down the cycle, designers creating only what they want. Minimizing the wardrobe. Actually wearing your clothes, living in your clothes, ripping your clothes. Styled effortlessly and genuinely. That’s what I miss and that’s what I yearn for. 

What do you believe makes you the face of future beauty?

Submission biodegradable glitter sparkling on my eyelids.