Stoned Fox empress Lola Langusta shows us how she rolls 

DJ, creative director, stylist, producer, and cannabis queen. Layers upon layers of culture make up the crown Lola Langusta wears. The chicest multi-hyphen octopus around, she’s tapping into the world of weed in a way that is entirely her own. The Stoned Fox world and it’s new(ish) Boutique is a mindful and inclusive space, and just like us, Lola is passionate to see a plastic-free future. Submission beauty speaks with the mind behind the mini-empire for a glimpse into what the future of CBD looks like.


What makes The Boutique by Stoned Fox standout in the beauty industry? Tell us more about how you identify and choose the brands that you want to feature?

The concept of The Boutique launched out of a desire to help our audience navigate the plant based wellness industry, while disrupting the idea that you have to compromise ethics, price and quality to access the most effective products. We aren’t ones to follow the most recent trends or latest beauty craze. Our team has spent hundreds of hours researching and testing some of the leading products in the industry and have curated a selection of brands and items that are centered on transparency and quality. We’ve been in the cannabis industry for some time now and through building the community and platform we have, our audience looks to us as a stamp of credibility and authenticity and we’re so excited to use our platform to elevate our favorite brands and the incredible stories behind each of these products.

We want people to know that “conscious consumption is sexy” and give people access to their own creative means and exploration. Through fusing art, lifestyle, culture and cannabis – we are always looking to break the mold and inspire new ways for people to connect with themselves and the world at large. We hope for The Boutique to only amplify that process.

In what ways do you find CBD and beauty connected to self-care or healing the self?

I read a quote years ago that said “Beauty fades faster than wisdom appears..” and to most this may feel true, but we want to shift that mindset by offering products and experiences that empower our audience to slow down, be present and recognize that beauty multiplies when we are able to connect with our inner wisdom. CBD and plant medicine greatly assist with that. When you truly start to take care of your mind and body, you begin to hold space for yourself in new ways, creating room for new levels of appreciation and expansion.  What we do with that level of awareness, is what will ultimately change the world. Certain ideals and fears will fade away because the ability to listen to your intuition becomes more accessible. When you are operating from that level of awareness and curiosity, I believe that’s the beginning of true self care and love and the ultimate beauty glow we all seek.

What was your intention for elevating your beauty routine to a state of balance with CBD and how did it come to fruition through Boutique by Stoned Fox?

CBD and Cannabis have been a huge part of my creative process and ability to just slow down, be objective, clear my anxiety and recenter. I was being asked all the time what my favorite products were and though we highlight brands and creators through our marketing efforts, the industry is so saturated and we really wanted to build a discovery platform our community could trust and connect with – all centered on products that are actually good for you. Outside of that, we have had the privilege in getting to know so many incredible founders and teams throughout the industry and their stories that led to the conceptualization of their brand missions – many of them stories of healing, curiosity and taking that leap of faith. We want to lend our platform to amplifying their missions and inspiring our audience to create, heal and break new boundaries.


In the coming decade, what kind of changes do you aspire to witness in the beauty business sphere? And where do you see yourself and Boutique by Stoned Fox contributing to this vision?

I am really passionate about amplifying sustainability in the industry – particularly excited to see hemp and mycelium replacing plastic waste and look forward to being a larger part of that initiative. I hope Stoned Fox continues to lead by example from the voices we elevate, the stories we tell, to the brands we work with. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what’s to come for Stoned Fox and we are excited about the opportunity to truly shine in this space.